What is the quality of the reproduction?

The quality of the reproduction is in a league of it's own. A fine quality Giclées can not even come close to our AluminArte process. Several colleges that develop media for inkjet manufacturers state AluminArte metal prints are the highest quality media available for imaging today and nothing else compares. Test data is available upon request.

What is the durability of the process?

Our coatings and materials have been engineered to provide a long life for the image. Image life is typically 50 years. You should treat your AluminArte in the same way you would a Giclées. Indirect sunlight is fine, but the materials are not designed for direct sunlight or outdoor use. Our AluminArte metal prints are scratch resistant and will not be damaged by exposure to water.

How do I manage color for my images?/ Can I get a proof?

You have the option to select a physical proof for your metal prints. If you select the proof, we would match as close as possible to the calibrated monitor or to a physical match to that you may provide. Once you receive the proof, please review it for color, balance, sharpness, and any other criteria that is critical for your particular image. We can make adjustments based on your feedback. If you choose not to receive a proof, we would still do an in house proof matching either the monitor or a physical match to. If you choose to by-pass receiving a proof delivered to you  for approval, you agree that Image Wizards staff can correct the image for output based on the calibrated monitor or physical match to at their discretion. Changes will not be allowed to the image after final delivery.  

How do I clean the product?

You should use a microfiber towel for the best results along with Isopropyl alcohol or Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax.

What is the minimum order?

You only need one to get started!

Can you ship my product for me?

Yes. Image Wizards specializes in assisting the client in image reproduction and distribution. We can tailor a drop ship program for you and your customers.

How do I market this product?

You can put your AluminArte metal print next to your Giclées or lithograph and it will sell itself. Large format seems to be the best seller. Our products are GREEN and our finishes are environmentally friendly.

How do I hang my AluminArte metal print?

Framed AluminArte metal prints can be hung by one of two methods. One is by the wire we attach to the anondized aluminum frame. The second method is by our security mount system, that we provide upon request, which locks the image onto the wall via brackets on the top and locking bolts along the bottom of the AluminArte metal print. Float mount AluminArte Metal Prints are hung by the saw tooth laser cut on the back.

What is the preferred format- tiff or jpeg?

Tiff is the preferred format of the two as jpeg tends to alter the image which creates flaws. We do work with jpegs if they have significant resolution and can be enlarged to the requested size. If we have questions, find flaws or sizing issues in any format, we will notify you prior to processing. Click here for Art Specs.

What if I cancel my order?

We understand that circumstances arise and may result in the need to cancel an order. The amount that will be billed will be dependant upon how far into the process we are. If you cancel prior to file prep then there will be no charge. If we have already prepared the file for output for proof then the charge is $75 per file. If we have sent proofs for the job to you or in house proofed, then the fee would be $75 per file + all shipping costs. If you cancel the job after approval has been made, you will incur the charge for any materials used up to that point. We do try to work with you in a situation as this to keep the costs minimal, but we do have expenses related to your order, no matter how big or small.

What if my order arrives damaged?

We have come to learn that no matter how careful we are, sometimes the carrier system does fail. No matter which carrier it is. If your order arrives damaged, there are steps that you need to take in order to make sure that the carrier can be held accountable for their failure. You must notify Image Wizards directly within 3 busienss days of delivery. In the communication to Image Wizards of the damage, include pictures of the damaged product, the box/crate, the shipping label on the box/crate, the packing materials, and send these images over to info@imagewizards.net. Then call Image Wizards and speak with customer service about the damage. Let us know if there is a deadline that must be met so that we can plan appropriately to get your replacement out to you. We will need to know this up front so that we can submit the claim properly through UPS. Keep all materials, including the packaging, for the shipment as UPS may want to do an inspection before processing a claim. We make every effort to resolve these issues as quickly as possible for you and continue to work with the carrier to improve their service as well to prevent such surprises from occuring in the future. Please note that not all claims for replacement will be granted. Each claim is reviewed based on the information provided by you so it is very important to be thorough.

“These images have
personality... they look like
liquid metal – and are so unusual you really get noticed.”
Brian Nieri, Photographer