Moose gets his first AluminArte from Image Wizards          
Moose Peterson gets his first AluminArte     Marc Montocchio on Getting "the" shot

Tom Rothenberg unpacks AluminArte            How to PROPERLY take a photo!

RC Concepcion and his SWEET Pano!         Image Wizards Rockin it! Fox 8                                                                          

Artists                                   Photographers

  • Anthony Luzi                                                Bill Fortney of Nikon
  • Gail Zavala                                                   Richard Small
  • Mark Fischer - Aguasonic Acoustics              Frank Stefanko
  • Benjamin Chait                                            George Schober
  • Blue Owl Studio                                           Danny Clinch
  • John Proano                                                Al Satterwhite
  • Ohio State University                                    Eric Cheng - Link2
  • Elliott Hubbard                                             Matthew Santomarco
  • Pixar                                                           Hansrico Photography
  • Mary Mayo Designs                                     Anyes Galleani
  • Moss Green Studios                                    Stephen Frink
  • Ron Davis                                                    Doug Sturgess
  • Rorex Bridges                                              Abigail Smigel
  • Jon Stein                                                     Kevin Kubota
  • Lightray Photoimagery                                  Larry Lambrecht
  • Michael Bryan                                              Andy Bernstein
  • Rich Feldman                                               Al Wildey
  • Don Bristow                                                 Karen Fischbein
  •                                                                    Jeffrey Stoner
  •                                                                    John Anderson 
  •                                                                    Kenneth Pearson
  •                                                                    Seth Beaudreau
  •                                                                    Ardy Arani
  •                                                                   Julie Roggow
  •                                                                   John Gillian                                                                   


Arenas & Museums

  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • Lowe’s Motor Speedway
  • University of Michigan
  • The Grammy Museum
  • Football Hall of Fame

Other Cool Links

 National Association of Photoshop Professionals - NAPP
PhotoShop World


“The art is unparalleled in
its use of technology to create
supreme print quality
and crispness.”
Scott Piers, Artist
“We made some AluminArte images for the walls of our brand new studio and I was completely blown away when the order arrived and I opened the well protected box of images. They have a rich, almost liquid, feel to them that makes you want to touch them to see if it feels as good as it looks. In fact, when we had our open house party, guests constantly walked up close and touched them to see what kind of material this was. Fortunately, fingerprints wipe off easily :-) These are one of the most unique and beautiful ways to display images I’ve seen to date. Thanks!”
Kevin Kubota, Photographer
Kubota Image Tools