Submission Methods:


Accepted File Types

  • TIF
  • JPEG
  • EPS
  • AI CS4 or earlier
  • QXD 6.5 or earlier
  • INDD CS4 or CS3

Suggested Color Space

We recommend Adobe RGB 1998 or sRGB.


Framed piece includes a 8-11” square piece of your image on ordered material at final output size for proofing prior to production. One hour of pre-flighting is included in the setup; minor type setting, sizing, or cleanup is generally completed in the first hour. Major cleanup (such as pixelation in out-of-focus areas) and other work requiring more than one hour will be billed at $75 per hour. You will be notified prior to any work being done.

Please supply high quality “match to” outputs for 4-color images, PMS colors or swatches for spot colors. Crucial copy and signatures should be 1/4” from trim. Please maintain 1/8” bleed on all four sides to allow for cutting. All 4-color pixel artwork (Photoshop or other image applications) should be supplied actual size at 300 dpi or higher resolution. Enlargements require equally enlarged resolution. If your image is below 150dpi we can use specialized software to increase the resolution to the desired output of 300dpi. If physical file size (gigabytes) is an issue for transmittal, please contact us and we will advise you on the best approach.


Smallest Optimum size for copy is 12 point. Some fonts require a larger point size or bolding, especially if reverse copy is needed. Please provide type as “outlines” so that type converiosn issues are avoided. If it is necessary to mix Truetype and Postscript fonts, please convert type to outlines. If outlined fonts are not an option for you, please provide all screen and printer fonts. If typesetting is necessary, please specify type and font size.

Due to the thousands of existing fonts, we may not have the requested font in-house.

*Please note that Image Wizards will not be held responsible for reproduction of smaller type than recommended.

Electronic Layout Files:

We accept Macintosh files created with or editable by Adobe Photoshop® CS4 or lower, Adobe Illustrator® CS4 or lower, QuarkXPress® 6.5 or lower, Adobe InDesign® CS4 or CS3. Please include all linked files, all screen and printer fonts with the high quality print out.

Documents should be created 100% to size, but can be a enlarged as long as sufficient resolution is provided. All images should be RGB (CMYK is also accepted). We can read and write to CD or DVD.

Custom Spot Colors

For exact PMS color matches, we will be happy to provide our color charts for you to select from.

“They share my passion for photography and have never hesitated to throw additional resources at meeting impossible deadlines, yet still maintaining their exacting standards. As much as I'd like to keep this my little secret, I have to admit these guys rock!”

Stephen Frink,