The heart of Image Wizards is our commitment to create new ways to print high quality images on new materials. And we’ve been doing that very thing for over three decades!

Remember the first time you saw a photo of a person imprinted on a coffee mug? Invented here. Remember in the early 80’s when mouse pads instantly were everywhere with full color customized imprints? We created that rage too. We’ve worked very hard for a very long time to make sure we’re creating the next new thing for printing media. It’s not a “corporate policy.” It’s our passion.

The person who best personifies that passion is our owner, Roger Laudy. Part brilliant scientist, part eccentric mechanic, part mischievous eight-year-old boy, Roger is a wildly successful entrepreneur who loves to create new imaging technologies. Internationally renowned artist Kathryn Henneman, one of Image Wizards’ clients, captured Roger best: “No printing challenge is out of reach with Roger. He brings his ingenious imagination and energy into all his projects.”

Roger has already invented processes that have been patented - and that have created whole new industries in imaging technology and the graphic arts world. But he is not content to rest on past accomplishments. He has an insatiable curiosity to perfect imaging techniques on any medium possible – the latest of which is AluminArte™, gorgeous brushed satin and white satin or high gloss aluminum that is considered a breakthrough in “high definition imaging.”

Roger’s innovations have inspired the Graphics team here at Image Wizards to the highest levels of excellence and creativity. These are just the type of people you want to take care of your work – knowledgeable, experienced in the intricacies of getting the best possible imaging and absolutely driven to take care of every detail your work deserves.

Staying with the “Green” movement, we recently renovated an old furniture factory in Lexington, North Carolina, and turned it into our home. With over 60,000 square feet of space, we have the facilities and the staff to handle any size specialty imaging job. We can do it all – putting your artwork on any of our materials up to 4’x 8’ panels, including framing, individual wood shipping crate, and a drop ship program so the product arrives ready to hang on the wall. We also create large format murals using 4’ x 8’ sheets.

We’d love to see your work on our AluminArte. Click here to order your no-strings-attached sample packet so you can see the difference we make.